Track and manage your medications on iPhone and iPad

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Screenshot of the PillTimer app

Stop counting hours and doses and just take your medicine.

PillTimer is free to use for a single medicine.

Screenshot of PillTimer showing the time of the next dose calculated from the previous doses
Forget the Math

PillTimer uses your previous doses to know when your next dose is.

Screenshot of PillTimer showing the dose entry screen
Track Doses

Record a dose for now or any point in the last 24 hours.

Screenshot of an iOS notification from PillTimer
Know When

Get alerts when you're able to take another dose.

Purchase the one-time Multiple Medications upgrade for $2.99 USD to track all your medicines.

Screenshot of PillTimer showing multiple medications, some available to take now and some not
Track Everything

Track all your medicines and see at a glance which ones you can take.

Screenshot of PillTimer showing the archive panel
Save For Later

Save older or seasonal medications in the archive.

Why use PillTimer?


Know what's better than a great privacy policy? Not needing one. PillTimer's developer doesn't collect any data from you using the application. Your medications stay on your phone and in your private iCloud. So don't worry, adding an allergy medicine to PillTimer won't send you ads for tissues.

Simple and Clean

PillTimer is designed to do one thing and do it well. No waiting for pages to load. No wading through more dubiously useful coupons than a pharmacy receipt. Just load the app and know whether you can take your medicine or not. It's that simple.

Upgrade Once

There's a reason software is sold as subscriptions these days. It takes work to keep an app up-to-date and running, and PillTimer is no exception. But PillTimer is also simple and focused enough that it can be priced simply. The multiple medications upgrade is a one-time purchase that will work as long as PillTimer does.