PillTimer Privacy Policy

PillTimer's developer does not collect any information from the use of the app.

If you use iCloud to store and sync your medications, your medicines and the doses attached to them are sent to your iCloud private database. The medicine names and dose timestamps are encrypted for additional protection. The developer of PillTimer does not have access to this database.

If you choose to share analytics and crash data with the developer, that information will be used exclusively to diagnose and fix errors in the application. It will not be tied to any personal information.

Some analytics are collected on this site and in links to the App Store in order to measure the efficacy of different marketing efforts. For example, a link shared on a social media platform may be tagged for that platform. This data is collected exclusively through links and does not involve any cross-site tracking. At no point is this data matched to any existing profiles.

No third-party analytics, such as offerings from Google or Meta, are used in the PillTimer app or website.